Madhya Pradesh Weather Update: Yellow Alert Issued in 22 Districts

A motorist shelters under an umbrella while riding along a road during heavy monsoon rainfall.
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Madhya Pradesh has been experiencing a monsoon break for the past 10 days, with no heavy rainfall recorded during this period. This break will last for another three days. On August 18, two weather systems are predicted to become active. These systems will bring heavy rainfall to eastern MP and light rainfall to western MP.

Yellow Alert Issued for Over 20 Districts

The weather department has also issued a yellow alert for more than 22 districts for the next 24 hours. It has given warnings of light rainfall and lightning strikes.

For the next 24 hours, the weather department’s forecast predicts rainfall in some areas of MP. The department has also issued a yellow alert for Chhindwara, Seoni, Mandla, Balaghat, Sagar, Vidisha, Raisen, Sehore, Bhopal, Narmadapuram, Harda, Khargone, Khargone, Badwani, Alirajpur, Jhabua, Dhar, Indore, Ratlam, Shajapur, and Devas.

Recent Rainfall Patterns

In the last 24 hours, rainfall was recorded in various districts of Bhopal, Narmadapuram, Jabalpur, and Shahdol divisions. In addition, some rainfall was also recorded in Indore, Ujjain, and Sagar divisions. During this period, Paraswada, Nainpur-Mandla, and Kevlari also received 20–40 mm of rainfall.

A cyclonic circulation is currently active over Gujarat. It has resulted in light rainfall over the past four days. This weather pattern will continue for the next three to four days.

The New Monsoon System for Madhya Pradesh

Since August 5th, there has been a monsoon break in the state. Soon, a new weather system will arrive from the Bay of Bengal. This system will bring heavy rainfall once again to the state after August 18th. However, it will have a greater impact on the Gwalior Chambal Division.

The new system will become stronger by August 16th and bring rainfall to many parts of the state. There is also a possibility that this system could turn into a cyclone. If it does, it will bring heavy rainfall to the state.

How Has Rain Been in Madhya Pradesh so far?

Overall, rainfall in the state is currently 4% below average due to the monsoon break. The eastern part of the state has received 1% less rainfall than average, while the western part has received 6% less.

In terms of rainfall distribution, Narsinghpur district has received the highest amount of rainfall, with more than 35 inches recorded so far. Seoni-Mandla district has received more than 32 inches of rainfall. Indore, Jabalpur, Anuppur, Chhindwara, Dindori, Sagar, Shahdol, Narmadapuram, and Raisen districts have all received more than 28 inches of rainfall.

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Balaghat, Katni, Niwari, Panna, Umaria, Betul, Bhind, Dewas, Harda, Ratlam, Sehore, and Vidisha districts have all received more than 24 inches of rainfall. On the other hand, Satna, Ashoknagar, Barwani, Gwalior, Khandwa, Khargone, Mandsaur, and Morena districts have received less rainfall, with less than 16 inches recorded.

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