Madhya Pradesh Monsoon: Heavy Rainfall Expected in These Areas

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Several districts in Madhya Pradesh experienced rainfall on Thursday. This has revived the monsoon after a 13-day break in Madhya Pradesh. So far, the state has witnessed diverse rain patterns.

The eastern parts, including Umaria, received nearly an inch of rain. Whereas, other districts like Naugaon, Narsinghpur, Seoni, and Jabalpur encountered intense showers. Moreover, Rewa, Sagar, Narmadapuram, Mandla, Damoh, and Malajkhand also witnessed rainfall.

Upcoming Rain: When and Where?

This shift has been attributed to a cyclonic circulation system forming in the Bay of Bengal. The upcoming days are expected to bring more rain, especially on August 19th and 20th. Regions like Rewa-Shahdol will experience potentially heavy showers.

Recent Rainfall Patterns

The rainfall data from the last 24 hours depicts a varying trend across different districts. Damoh and Jabalpur saw 0.82 and 0.76 inches of rain, respectively. Whereas, Seoni only received 0.17 inches. Narmadapuram and Tikamgarh experienced 0.09 and 0.03 inches of rainfall, respectively. Other areas, like Naugaon, Umaria, and Ujjain, reported minimal rainfall.

The accumulated rainfall over the past few days has led to an overall decrease in rainfall across Madhya Pradesh of 7%. The eastern region experienced a 5% reduction, while the western part saw a decline of 9%.

This Season’s Total Rainfall

Among the districts, Narsinghpur recorded the highest rainfall, exceeding 35 inches. Similarly, Seoni-Mandla observed more than 32 inches of rainfall. Notably, Indore, Jabalpur, Anuppur, Chhindwara, Dindori, Sagar, Shahdol, Narmadapuram, and Raisen witnessed over 28 inches of rainfall.

On the other hand, regions like Satna, Ashoknagar, Badwani, Gwalior, Khargone, Mandasaur, and Morena witnessed minimal rainfall, failing to surpass 16 inches.

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The revival of the monsoon will bring relief to the state’s agricultural sector. It will help replenish water resources and benefit crops. As meteorological experts closely monitor the evolving weather patterns, keep reading MP Current for more updates.

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