MP Police to Receive Weekly Leaves Starting Today: First Leave on 7 August

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Madhya Pradesh police officers and staff will receive weekly leaves starting this week. The first leave will start on August 7. The Director General of Police (DGP) Sudhir Kumar Saxena made the announcement during a video conference on Friday.

DGP Saxena highlighted that the implementation of weekly leaves would aid officers in maintaining their physical and mental fitness. This will also offer them the opportunity to spend quality time with their families.

As per the new policy, police officers and staff serving 24-hour duties in law enforcement will get weekly leaves on Mondays. Following night duty, they will receive a 24-hour leave. After that, they must resume duty by 9 a.m. on the next working day.

The police headquarters will also prepare and enforce a roster for the weekly leaves. They will allow only one officer to be on leave at a time per station.

However, officers will not be allowed to leave their districts during their weekly leaves. In the absence of the station in charge, senior officers will take up the responsibilities during this period.

Female officers and staff will also be available during their weekly leaves to avoid any inconvenience for female applicants visiting police stations.

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath also responded to the matter on Twitter. He reminded the public that he had previously granted this right to police officers in January 2019, only to have it revoked later by the current Shivraj government.

Nath pointed out that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) conveniently forgot about the weekly leaves for the past 18 years. He went on to say that the police officers know that this is an election move.

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