Amit Shah in Gwalior: The BJP Aims to Secure Over 150 Seats in MP Election 2023

Union home minister Amit Shah address at the Meet the Press
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Addressing the Madhya Pradesh BJP state committee in Gwalior, Home Minister Amit Shah set the tone for the party’s campaign ahead of the state elections. He urged party leaders, officials, and workers to unite and work together.

Shah’s Address: Ambitious Targets

The BJP will aim to secure more than 150 seats in the upcoming legislative assembly elections. Shah began by reminding the attendees of the importance of the elections. He said that if the BJP manages to win this time, Congress will be flushed out of the state’s political landscape for the next 30 years.

Unity and Hard Work: Shah’s Mantra for Success

Drawing inspiration from the Ramayana, Shah compared their task to Hanuman’s crossing of the ocean to reach Lanka. He mentioned how Jamvant, Hanuman’s advisor, made him realise his own strengths and capabilities. Similarly, Shah tried to invoke a sense of power in the party members.

Shah said that winning wasn’t only about external factors. It was about overcoming internal doubts and limitations. He encouraged everyone to shed their inhibitions and fears. He said that once the “I” (ego) was removed, nothing could stop them from achieving victory.

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Amit Shah also stressed the importance of unity among party workers and leaders. He called on all office-bearers and representatives to pledge their dedication to hard work. He said that this was not the time for complaints but for unity.

“MP Ke Man Mein Modi” Campaign Launch

Following his speech, Shah launched the “MP Ke Man Mein Modi” membership campaign. It came with the objective of adding 40 lakh new party members in the state. It will attract new voters and ensure that the BJP remains connected to its core supporters.

Before concluding the meeting, various political resolutions were discussed. They were unanimously supported by all attendees. These resolutions were centred around the party’s commitment to securing a historic victory in Madhya Pradesh.

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