Allegations of Voter Intimidation as BJP leader asks Muslims not to vote in MP

A muslim girl after having voted
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In a recent public address in Ratlam’s Javara, former Mayor of Bhopal and senior BJP leader Alok Sharma made a statement that has sparked controversy. Addressing the crowd, Sharma appealed directly to Muslim voters. He urged them not to cast their ballots for him or any other candidate.

This comes just before the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. In response to this, the Congress Party has raised concerns about the electoral process. The party filed a complaint, accusing Sharma of attempting to suppress the votes of the Muslim community.

The Congress media department’s vice president, Abbas Hafeez, wrote a letter to the National Commission for Minorities’ chairman, Iqbal Singh, demanding action against the statement. They have demanded appropriate action be taken against the BJP leader.

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During his speech, Sharma also reminded that the homes that Muslims live in are under the Prime Minister Housing Scheme only. Sharma asked for the camera to be turned off. It reportedly raised suspicions among attendees.

Despite this, he continued with his address. He emphasised the consequences of not supporting the BJP. He also claimed that those who don’t support him would experience discomfort, figuratively stated as a “ticklish feeling in their stomachs.” Later, Sharma went as far as having his supporters take a pledge to back the BJP.

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