AIIMS Bhopal: Research Reveals a Gene That Increases Oral Cancer Risk

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The Department of Biochemistry, Oncology, ENT, and Radiotherapy at AIIMS Bhopal conducted this research study. The study found a significant link between oral cancer and microRNA-146. It concluded that this gene increases the risk of oral cancer. The research involved 430 individuals in Bhopal. It included both oral cancer patients (215) and healthy individuals (215).

Genetic Study: Impact of MicroRNA-146 Gene Types on Oral Cancer

Dr. Ashok Kumar, an additional professor at the Department of Biochemistry, led the research. The research examined gene types in different age groups over two years. The findings revealed a significant difference in the prevalence of the CC gene type among oral cancer patients compared to the healthy group.

However, it should also be noted that the MicroRNA-146 gene type (CC) test remains limited. Currently, it is not widely available to the general population.

Genetic Findings: CC Gene Type Prevalence in by Cancer Patients

Among the oral cancer patients, 43 individuals exhibited the CC gene type. On the other hand, the healthy group had 21 individuals with the same gene type. This suggested a strong association between the CC gene type and the risk of developing oral cancer.

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Furthermore, the tumour size was larger among the oral cancer patients with the CC gene type. It was also found that the aggressiveness of the cancer was higher compared to patients with other gene types.

Future Scope of the Study

The next phase of the research would focus on the treatment’s survival and effectiveness in oral cancer patients with different gene types. Interestingly, Bhopal was once considered the oral cancer capital of India. Now, Nagpur has become the oral cancer capital.

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