MP Police Survey Shows 78% Dissatisfaction, Report Withdrawn by Officials

A recent survey conducted by the Madhya Pradesh police department revealed that 78% of respondents were not satisfied with their local police services. This survey was conducted through a social media platform. In the survey, the public was asked to rate their satisfaction with the local police force via an online poll. Only 22% of respondents reported being satisfied.

Indian Police

    The report was initially posted on Monday, July 8. However, the report was later withdrawn. Media representatives were informed by ADG Law and Order Jaideep Prasad that an error occurred while the police were conducting the survey. According to Prasad, faulty data was mistakenly shared on the department’s social media accounts. Once officials discovered the errors in the data, it was promptly deleted.

    The authorities withdrew the survey report and acknowledged the data error. This has raised questions about the accuracy and handling of such public opinion polls.

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