Madhya Pradesh Housing Board to Construct State-of-the-Art Business Park

An IT park
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The Madhya Pradesh Housing Board, known for its housing projects, will now construct an 11-storey business park. This state-of-the-art facility will be located in the Smart City area.

The Business Park

The business park will house 12 large offices, ranging from 25,833 to 30,278 square feet. The board claims this will be the most modern IT-Fintech-based business park in the capital.


The park will be designed with IT and fintech companies in mind. It will also include a gym, cafeteria, food court, and banquet hall. The board recently issued a tender for the project.

Investment and Expenditure

The construction of the building alone will cost around INR 140 crores. According to board sources, administrative approval for the project amounts to INR 276 crores. Meanwhile, the target is to complete the business park within the next two years.

Land Acquisition

The Housing Board recently purchased approximately one and a half acres of land from Bhopal Smart City for INR 54 crores. This land will be used to construct a business park of about 78,000 square feet in Madhya Pradesh.

Parking and Other Amenities

The business park will also feature modern amenities such as three large basements for parking, providing a total of 1.35 lakh square feet of space. The terrace floor will have an outdoor seating restaurant spread over 25,000 square feet. Additionally, the building will feature 11 lifts and a centralized air conditioning system.

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Furniture and Infrastructure

Companies will need to bring their own furniture. The project also includes space for a hotel and other commercial plans. The board is also providing space for other commercial activities such as showrooms or restaurants.

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