Top 10 Best Tattoo Studios in Bhopal in 2024 – Find Your Ink Destination!

10 Best Tattoo Studios in Bhopal in 2023

Bhopal, the city of lakes, is not only known for its proximity to UNESCO heritage sites but also for its growing art scene. Today, tattoos have become popular among youth. And the city of Bhopal isn’t lagging. The city has become a hub for tattoo enthusiasts seeking to decorate their bodies with artwork.

If you’re also looking to get a tattoo, it is very important to pick the best tattoo artist in Bhopal. With more than 25 tattoo studios in the city, it surely becomes difficult to pick one. This blog will go through the best tattoo studios in Bhopal that offer a range of services, from cover-ups and touch-ups to piercing and removal.

The list has been drawn from personal experiences. Of course, it is not possible to visit and experience each studio. But we have taken 8 variables into account and determined the best tattoo studio in Bhopal. This list will also provide the best tattoo artist in Bhopal, extra services, and additional features of the respective tattoo studios.

How much does a tattoo cost in Bhopal?

The starting cost for tattoos in Bhopal is 400 Rs per inch at an affordable studio. From there, it goes higher depending on the size, complexity, and detailing of the design. The experience and reputation of the artist can increase the tattoo price in Bhopal too. It’s best to consult with the tattoo studio directly to get an estimate based on your specific tattoo idea.

Skin Machine Tattoo Studio

Address | 8871588664 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 13:00-21:00, Appointment-only

Skin Machine Tattoo Studio

Skin Machine Tattoo Studio is a prominent name in the Bhopal tattoo scene. It is known for its exceptional artistry and diverse range of services. Celebrity tattoo artist, Aakash Chandani, who is also the creator of the Bhopal Tattoo Festival, leads this studio. They bring even the most intricate tattoo ideas to life. Aakash is also considered the best tattoo artist in Bhopal. He has won many awards and heads 2 tattoo studios in Bhopal with this one being one of the biggest in the country. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Skin Machine the best tattoo studio in Bhopal.

Extra services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, Microblading, Permanent lip blush and Piercing
Look for: Aakash (aka the inkman), Naina, Yash, Shraddha
Additional Features: LGBTQ-friendly, Gender-neutral toilets, Wi-Fi.

Elysian Tattoo & Training Institute

Address | 9039469612 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, Open 24 hrs, Walk-in or appointment

Elysian Tattoo and Training Institute

Elysian Tattoo and Training Institute is a tattoo studio in Bhopal that stands out as a hub of creativity. With a team led by a highly artistic husband-wife duo, this studio offers an array of services that go beyond traditional tattooing. From hair art like Dreadlocks to temporary enhancements like nail art and make-up to permanent body art, the duo does it all.

Services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, Piercing, Dreadlocks, Nail art, Makeup, Microblading
Look for: Shammi, Karishma

Tattoo Network Studio

Address | 9098523415 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 11:00-21:00, Walk-in or appointment

Tattoo Network Studio

Tattoo Network Studio, founded by Jaiprakash Shrivas, has earned a solid reputation in tattoo studios in Bhopal. It offers a range of services and courses to cater to everyone. This tattoo studio has built an impressive portfolio for 8 years. Their massive following on social media is a testament to their quality. Jaiprakash is the best tattoo artist in Bhopal for you if you prioritize precision above all.

Services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, and Piercing
Look for: Jaiprakash, Ayush, JP, Akki

Swapnil’s Tattoo Studio

Address | 8109246030 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 11:30-19:30, Walk-in or appointment

Swapnil's Tattoo Studio

Swapnil’s eponymous tattoo studio is a go-to destination for tattoo enthusiasts seeking exceptional artistry and professional service. They also provide wall painting and graffiti art services in addition to their sketching courses. Their tattoos speak highly of creativity and expressionism.

Services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, Piercing, Sketching, Graffiti
Look for: Swapnil, Suraj

Harry Black Tattoo

Address | 9981271965 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 09:00-22:30, Walk-in or appointment

Harry Black Tattoo

With an experience of almost 13 years, Harry Black Tattoo has become a well-established name in Bhopal’s tattoo industry. Led by founder Harry Nathani, the studio offers a wide range of services, including unique offerings like live sketching and nail art. Nathani is one tattoo artist in Bhopal who is well-versed in almost all types of tattoo styles. This includes mandala, dot work, traditional, portrait, photorealistic etc. They have another studio on the topmost floor of the DB Mall too.

Services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, Live sketching, Nail art, Temporary tattoos, Piercing
Look for: Harry, Jeetesh, Deepak, Saurabh, Rahul, and Abhishek

Tattoo Uddhyog

Address | 8357836919 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 12:30-21:00, Walk-in or appointment

Tattoo Uddhyog

Tattoo Uddhyog is a sought-after tattoo studio in Bhopal, known for its occasional discounts. Their expertise extends beyond tattoos, offering wall art and graffiti services as well. They are a small team of qualified artisans. Their expertise lies specifically in custom designs that require unrestricted imagination.

Services: Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Tattoo Removal, Large Scale, Piercing
Look for: Rahul, Komal

Animal’s Tattoo Studio

Address | 8602730299 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 10:30-21:30, Walk-in or appointment

Animal's Tattoo Studio

Animal’s Tattoo Studio, led by founder Sonu Rawat, is a popular destination for both permanent and temporary tattoos. You will find them just near Kalaniketan in New Market. They are the best choice if you want a tattoo at the most reasonable rate. This won’t even affect the quality.

Services: Permanent and temporary tattoos, Removals, Large scale, and Piercing
Look for: Sonu, Sagar

Ink Paradise Tattoo Studio

Address | 9685886986 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, 10:30-21:00, Walk-in or appointment

Ink Paradise Tattoo Studio

Ink Paradise Tattoo Studio is an up-and-coming tattoo studio in Bhopal. They are highly innovative in their creation. The studio also provides tattoo courses for those interested in learning the craft. And if you book an appointment from their website, you may even get a 10 to 25% discount on their website. If it is about optimum quality of tattoos at reasonable rates, Ink Paradise would be the best tattoo studio in Bhopal.

Services: Tattoos, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Removal, Large scale, Piercing
Look for: Yash Meraki, Anshul Gurung
Features: LGBTQ-friendly, Wheelchair accessible

The Tattoo Mandal

Address | 8818854946 | E-Mail
Mon-Sun, Open 24 hrs, Walk-in or appointment

The Tattoo Mandal

The Tattoo Mandal, founded by Pranjal Shrivastav, is another studio that offers hefty discounts from time to time. The studio offers a diverse range of tattooing options and provides courses for aspiring tattoo artists. Their speciality lies, as the name suggests, in the Mandala style of tattooing. They have several small to large mandala patterns under their belt.

Services: Tattoos, Mandala Style, Cover-ups, Touch-ups, Removals, Large scale, Piercings.

Rahul Tattoos

Address | 9981174577
Mon-Sun, 11:00-22:00, Walk-in

Rahul Tattoos

If you’re visiting Ashima Mall, do not forget to check out Rahul’s tattoo booth. It specializes in both permanent and temporary tattoos. They are the go-to place for quick in-and-out tattoos with reasonable prices.

Services: Permanent and temporary tattoos.

Bhopal’s tattoo scene is a tapestry of artistry, creativity, and self-expression. The 10 tattoo studios demonstrate their exceptional skills and commitment to providing top-notch services to their clients. Whether you’re seeking a small, intricate design or a bold, transformative masterpiece, these studios offer a diverse range of options to suit every taste and preference.

So, whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or someone considering their first ink, these studios are ready to transform your visions into stunning realities. Book an appointment or simply walk in, and let these skilled artists leave an indelible mark on your journey of self-discovery.


Are the tattoo studios in Bhopal safe and hygienic?

Absolutely! The tattoo studios in Bhopal prioritize safety and hygiene. They strictly adhere to proper sterilization techniques and use disposable equipment. They also maintain clean and sanitized environments to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients.

How do I book an appointment at these tattoo studios?

Booking an appointment is typically straightforward. You can contact the tattoo studio directly through phone or email, as provided in the article, to inquire about availability and schedule your appointment.

Can I get a custom design or bring my own tattoo idea?

Yes, most tattoo studios in Bhopal are open to creating custom designs based on your preferences and ideas. It’s always a good idea to communicate your vision with the artist beforehand. This will allow them to understand your requirements and create a design that resonates with you.

Do these tattoo studios provide aftercare instructions?

Yes, aftercare instructions are crucial for the proper healing and maintenance of your tattoo. The tattoo studios in Bhopal typically provide detailed aftercare instructions. It includes guidelines on cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting your tattoo during the healing process.

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